What to Do If Someone Slips, Trips or Falls

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Snowfall continues...and you're feeling too lazy to shovel?

Take these precautions to keep yourself motivated!


Assist the injured person in finding medical treatment.
Call an ambulance if necessary.


Record the names & contact info of any witnesses.
Obtain and record detailed descriptions of the incident from the victim & witnesses.


Refer any discussions with the claimant to your insurer.


Take pictures of incident area.
Try to photograph the footwear that the injured person was wearing.


Document the incient
 · Defense for a claim presented later
 · Help insurere analyze the cause of the incident.


Reprot the incident to your insurer with
 · Details of the incident
 · Info about what you did to avoid the incident.


Investigate potential causes & take steps to prevent/respond better to similar incidents in the future.


As a Homeowner,
you’re responsible for keeping your property and areas reasonably safe for people who use them.
You may be held liable for slips, trips and falls if no reasonable standard of care is provided.

As a Tenant,
liability may be shared with your landlord, considering :
 · Was the danger foreseeable?
 · Was the homeowner’s conduct in accordance with acceptable standards of practice?
 · Did the danger exist for an unreasonable amount of time?
 · How easily could the danger have been prevented?

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