Winter woes & Insurance TOP FAQs

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Top FAQs to help you better understand your coverage

This winter was tough, but together we are tougher – those insurance FAQ’s you should know in winter!

Q. There is ice build-up on my roof: is ice-damming covered?
A. Water damage caused by ice-damming is typically covered if specific coverage has been purchased.

Q. The roof of my small business has collapsed due to snow – is this covered?
A. Most commercial policies cover roof collapse due to snow load Business interruption may also be included. if coverage was purchased.

Q. All the snow on my roof worries me. What should I do? If it collapses, am I covered?
A. To prevent collapse, if it is safe to do, you could try to remove some of th snow or hire a professional. Most home insurance policies cover roof collapse due to snow load.

Q. When the snow melts, there will probably be fllding, Am I covered for flood damage?
A. Water that enters the home through seeping in windows, through siding or goundation is typically no covered.
To prevent flooding, flooding, shovel snow and chip ice away from your house and make sure there is a clear path for water to drain away from your house.
To prevent damage in the event of flooding, try to move portable items out of your basement.

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