Wondering Why Your Insurance Is Rising?

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MKMK Insurance Team

Hey Alberta!

I don’t have any accidents/traffic violations, why is my car insurance going up?

Auto Insurance rates are partly based on future estimated claim frequency and risk. The past few years Alberta has gone through many tragic nature’s events including hail, flood, windstorms and fires. As Insurers had to pay out more in claims, and statistically the frequencies and the chance of these claims likely happening have gone up, this is affecting everyone’s rates.

Same Insurance Company but different premium? I don’t get it

Having the same Insurance Company should mean the exact same premium. However, if there is a difference, please carefully take a look at the deductible, limits, driver’s information, insurance history, vehicle usage (pleasure/commute,) as these may be differently stated. Accurate information is always best. If you are comparing between insurance companies, please make sure to compare what we have mentioned above.

Difference between an Insurance Broker and an Insurance Company

At MKMK, we are a broker. Brokers have multiple insurance companies and advise their clients in both the clients and insurance company’s best interests. As a broker we are able to provide choices and low prices to our customers. However, companies like Belairdirect, BCAA/AMA, State Farm, Allstate Insurance are all direct sellers and they have one price/one product. Of course by all means, direct sellers have great products and services, but as a broker we compare and do the work for you to provide the best coverage at lowest prices and give you options. For any questions or for a free quote, please don’t hesitate to Call/message us

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