Contractor Insurance

All Around Protection For Employees And You

If you’re finding it difficult to understand or receive coverage for potential claims regarding employees, materials, and or job sites, MKMK Contractor Insurance is there to help you in every aspect. MKMK Contractor Insurance is dedicated to protecting you all around so you can focus on your important career.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

We understand that commercial vehicles are a very important part of your business. MKMK Commercial Insurance can also offer insurance coverage for your commercial vehicles to help your business run as smoothly as possible.

When the contracting industry calls for so many things to be responsible for on the job, it’s important to have the right coverage. MKMK Commercial Vehicle Insurance is the best option to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Coverage With Liability Insurance

Ensuring your business in our business and MKMK Business Insurance is here to help protect your dreams. MKMK Liability Insurance offers coverage plans that may help in cases of claims, property damage to a third party, operations and products. MKMK Insurance experts can help you understand all the business insurance requirements so you can make an informed decision. Contact MKMK Business Insurance today to learn more about how you can be completely covered.

Small Business Insurance For Contractors

Alberta has been an amazing place to for new existing business owners. With new endeavors are new challenges and MKMK Small Business Insurance experts are here to help make that journey as smooth as possible. Ask MKMK Insurance about how your business can always be protected, no matter the size.

Because MKMK Business Insurance is committed to the success and protection of your business, our experts have the best solutions to all your business needs, big or small. At affordable prices for insurance, we can assure you that getting good coverage doesn’t have be stressful.


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Common Questions About Contractor Insurance

Contractor Insurance is generally split up into two different categories: General Liability Insurance and Tools/Equipment Insurance. These types of coverage help give you piece of mind in your Contracting Business and covered in your general day-to-day operations. Come chat with one of our MKMK Contractor Insurance Brokers and see how you and your Contracting Business can benefit from Contractor Insurance! 

If your an Business or Individual that is providing or performing contract services, then you need Contractor Insurance! It is an important and essential Insurance Package that any contractor needs, and will save your or your business if something were to happen.