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Why is proper home coverage so, so important?

Home coverage along with Tenant/Renter and Condo insurance are the most bang for buck policies you can get! Knowing that it’s surprising to find out how overly un-insured all Canadians are for their homes. Total loss accidents and major water damage incidents leave home owners at a huge loss without proper coverage. This is something the team at MKMK always ensures owners are aware of and we proactively protect you against it.

Have You Bought Home Insurance by just Price... and not Coverage?

Firstly it’s important to understand your coverage and how it can affect you in the times of need.

Not all coverages are the same, and they often differ from provider to provider. The team at MKMK makes certain you understand your policy and coverage, and help you make the right decision by asking YOU the right questions.

Home Insurance has become complicated; don’t buy just on pice, look at the coverages and details.

Don’t risk it! Get the right coverage for you!

Give us a chance at MKMK, to look at your existing policy. Are you underinsured? Do you know what your are getting covered for? Have you never shopped around for insurance? We can help will all this!

Home insurance often covers much more than just your home. It can include your contents and valuables, but also slip and slides on your sidewalk by a third party, injuries on your properties and much more.

MKMK Insurance brokers always will make sure you understand your insurance, what’s covered and protecting you, ALWAYS. We ask the questions for you, and understanding you and your needs. MKMK INSURANCE, “MORE KNOWLEDGE, MORE KINDNESS”.

We Provide Home Insurance For:

Is Home Insurance difficult to understand and pretty boring? Why not make it easy to understand and fun? Sounds like a tough promise, call us and let us change your mind.

Can’t find a broker that has all the answers, is friendly and who’s job is to keep you covered?

MKMK is here to do just that, give us a call and we will answer any and all questions you have. Its free!

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Common Questions About Home Insurance

MKMK Home insurance packages are very flexible and are personally attained to you. Generally, Home Insurance Packages cover fire, water and other related incidents that may happen to your home!

Yes, personal items can be covered in the event of a home incident if you chose to do so. Chat with an MKMK Home Insurance Broker and we will educate and walk you through all the aspects of home coverage that we can provide to you!