Tenant Insurance

Is Renters & Tenant insurance important?

It’ a common misconception that just because you don’t own your home, coverage is not that important or it’s too expensive. Over 30% of Canadians rent their house, and over 50% of them don’t have coverage, or feel that the coverage is not worth it.

Why Renter/Tenant Insurance is important and how it can save you money.

Firstly lets clarify the given, Tenant Insurance, Renters Insurance, and Condo Insurance are all basically the same product. More often than not a landlord will ask for proof of coverage, and thats a good thing for you. Making sure you’re protected keeps everyone happy in the unfortunate times of an event like a break in, theft, flooding, house fire, and many more, you know all your belongings are covered.

Now that we know the coverage for your belongings is your responsibility, you’re all set…right? Unfortunately when shopping around for insurance we never read or ask the right questions, and we’re all guilty of it. We just sign where we need to sign and we go on our way knowing, or rather thinking we’re protected, however not all policies are the same, and they always differ from provider to provider.

Don’t risk it! Get the right coverage for you!

On most total loss, or big loss events, tenants are left to pay out of pocket and cover the costs of all items lost. In a total loss situation the landlord insurance will NOT cover your items. Tenant insurance is often very inexpensive and will cover any and all items lost. From electronics, furniture, art, jewelry and all items in between.

MKMK Insurance brokers always make sure you understand your insurance, what’s covered and protecting you, ALWAYS. We ask the questions for you, and understanding you and your needs. MKMK INSURANCE, “MORE KNOWLEDGE, MORE KINDNESS”.

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Common Questions About Tenant Insurance

Tenant or Renters Insurance is like Home Insurance that will cover you in an event that happens to the place you are renting. If you are renting your home, then you may want Tenant Insurance. Have peace of mind knowing that you are covered by MKMK Insurance if something were to happen to the home you are renting.

At MKMK Insurance, we believe that Renters Insurance is very important if you rent the house you are living in. In some cases, the owner may even ask for proof of coverage. Chat with one of our MKMK Renters Insurance Brokers and we can talk about how Tenant Insurance can benefit you and your peace of mind.